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Life and trajectory

Estefan Iatcekiw's passion for classical music started very early. At the age of 5, a strong need emerged to transform all the sounds he heard and to transmit them through an instrument. That was when he appealed to his mother, who needed a piano. From then on he began his studies in a music school. He studied at this school from ages 5 to 7, but Estefan realized that he had much more to develop. When he was 9 years old, it became necessary to look for another teacher that could develop the talent that Estefan had. The teacher said that he had already reached his teaching limit, and only a teacher of international renown could help him achieve his musical goals. That is when Estefan began his studies with renowned pianist and teacher Olga Kiun.

After some tests, Olga Kiun accepted Estefan as her student. It was during this period, that it was proven that Estefan has an absolute ear, and that he has some fundamental qualities to become a great musician. From this moment on, a new journey begins: music at the center of Estefan's life. From then on he made the serious decision that music would be his professional choice for sure.

Since then, Estefan has participated and won prizes in several national and international competitions, and has been acclaimed by critics and the public as a revelation in the Brazilian pianistic scene. He has had the honor of performing with major orchestras, under the direction of renowned conductors, in addition to performing regularly in solo concerts and chamber music ensembles.

At the age of 14 Estefan received a very special invitation from the City Hall and Cultural Foundation of the city of Curitiba to teach about classical music and its periods to the students of the municipal schools. It was a highly praised job, because Estefan took a bit of classical music to Brazilian children, who many had no contact and no knowledge of the greatness of this sublime art.

During this period, she participated in numerous musical projects, festivals, and benefit concerts, which added much knowledge and experience to Estefan's career, and she received a great reputation for her work.

After much work, study, and dedication, under the guidance of Professor Olga Kiun, at the age of 15 he was unanimously accepted by the selection committee into the great and renowned Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Estefan was one of the youngest students to join the student body at the baccalaureate piano course at this institution. Currently Estefan is a student in the class of the great teacher and renowned pianist Sergey Kuznetsov.

In 2022, Estefan began his activities as a teacher and educator, sharing his knowledge about music and performance in the online course "Live Classical Music: the Queen of All Arts", which has as its main objective to teach classical music to all people who wish to add musical culture in their lives, regardless of the level of knowledge about classical music they have. This project aims to show with seriousness, professionalism, uniting performance with history, from prehistory to the present day, with a simple approach, a facilitated language, a didactic and explanatory content, and with innovative and current features.

Also in 2022, Estefan won an important prize for his career: 6th Place in the Rachmaninov Competition in Moscow/Russia, in which he was the only pianist from the American continent, besides being one of the youngest participants in this competition. This victory brought great reputation and prestige for the brilliant work of this great Brazilian pianist. 

Currently, Estefan performs regularly in the largest national and international concert halls, as soloist with large orchestras, as chamber musician, and presenting a varied solo program, with a vast repertoire of Russian, French, German, American, and also works by Brazilian composers. composto de músicas russas, francesas, alemãs, americanas, e também de obras de compositores brasileiros.

In 2023, Estefan Iatcekiw released his first solo album Destiny, featuring works by the great composer Sergey Rachmaninov. Estefan performs the 2 Sonatas by S. Rachmaninov, which are works of the highest technical and expressive level, and thanks to his perfect performance of these Rachmaninov works, and with the title he received at the great International Rachmaninov Competition in Moscow/Russia in 2022, he has become a pianist in global evidence.